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  • Get More Done by Scheduling Your Tasks w/ the Developers of Sorted (TPS216)

Leo & Harry, creators of the iOS app Sorted, come on the show to talk about their unique approach to task management. We dive deep into the topic of scheduling your tasks, and why they believe it’s so important if you really want to be productive. We discuss how this intentional approach towards organizing your day led to the development of Sorted, which was recently featured by Apple in the iOS App Store, and they share their tips for working productively as a small team as well as give some great advice for not only aspiring developers but anyone with a crazy big goal they want to achieve.

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Cheat Sheet

  • How Mike got connected to Harry Ng via the Dojo and the story of how Sorted got started [1:59]
  • What Sorted is and what it does [7:45]
  • How Sorted’s auto-schedule feature works [11:09]
  • Why Sorted allows your schedule to be fluid and change with the situation [20:50]
  • How users of their app use other to-do apps in conjunction with Sorted [23:27]
  • The challenges with trying and stand out in a crowded to-do app landscape [30:08]
  • One of the biggest productivity lessons that they’ve learned [35:45]
  • How they decided what features to add and what not to add to the app [43:07]
  • Tips for working productively together as a partnership or small team [46:27]
  • What advice they would give to anyone wanting to build an app startup [52:02]
  • How you can connect with Harry and Leo [58:20]


Connect with Harry and Leo

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