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Today we’re continuing our exploration of the TEA Framework and the 3 pillars of productivity with pillar number 2: Energy. We’ll be sharing our own struggles with energy and how we overcame them to be productive, we explain the 3 key areas to keep an eye on when it comes managing your energy, and we share simple strategies to help you create more energy so you can take action on the things that are important to you, achieve your goals faster, and reach your full potential.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Why energy is the second pillar of the TEA framework [2:37]
  • Examples of people who might not have the energy to get things done [12:02]
  • What life looks like when you have the energy to do everything you want to do [16:22]
  • The 3 main components that make up energy [22:51]
  • Why you should focus on sleep in order to get more energy [23:44]
  • How creating rituals can save energy as well as energize you [36:15]
  • Things you can do to increase your energy [40:42]
  • How motivation factors into how much energy you have [45:47]
  • A visualization exercise you can use to increase your motivation and get more energy [53:35]
  • 3 simple action steps you can take to get more energy [1:00:01]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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