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Welcome to The Productivity Show, a podcast by Asian Efficiency, to help you maximize your productivity so you can get everything done without having to sacrifice your health, family and things that matter to you. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people save time, be happier, and become more productive.

In today’s episode, we’ll be covering 6 strategies for how to stick to your goals this year and even if you lose momentum, we’ll give you practical tips for picking it back up.

Cheat Sheet

  • When people start to drop their new year’s resolution and why [3:53]
  • The importance of understanding visibility with your goals and new years resolutions [5:05]
  • How discomfort keeps us from achieving our goals [8:44]
  • Why learning to trust the process is so important [10:41]
  • How to deal with the curveballs life throws at you and your goals [12:47]
  • Why willpower does not work for long-term results [16:59]
  • The importance of knowing what you’re getting into and choosing the right goals [19:27]
  • The power of one goal accomplished is more valuable than three half-done [24:16]
  • How to break down your goal into practical action steps [27:26]
  • Rituals that can help build momentum towards your goal [32:46]
  • How to use all of these ideas and tools together to make an effective system [38:12]
  • How to establish and use a review process to keep on track [43:32]
  • Six action steps that can get you started towards keeping your new year’s resolutions this year [47:24]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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  1. I think it’s quite easy to keep new year’s resolutions if you have some motivation. For example, you have the goal not to earn much money, but to earn to go for a holiday somewhere, etc. Of course, to stride forward your aims you need to look after your health, not only physical, but also mental and one of the most important part is to set not many goals at once, so that the chance to reach them doubles.

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