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Lauren Goldstein on The Productivity Show

Today we have Lauren Goldstein, an entrepreneur and business strategy consultant from Austin, TX. Lauren and Thanh have known each other for a while and we invited her to come on the podcast to share her unique approach to productivity.

You’re going to get specific tips on how to use a calendar to run your life and business, how you can theme your days and weeks to stay focused, and how you should plan your weeks in advance with a simple tool.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • What admin days are, and why they have been so important for Lauren [4:19]
  • What a typical admin day looks like for Lauren [6:18]
  • How Lauren ‘themes’ her weeks and focuses on what’s important for her business [8:30]
  • The misconception about goals that Lauren sees most often with her clients [13:10]
  • What Lauren recommends if you’re looking to plan or theme your week [18:18]
  • How to deal with the unexpected on your admin day [26:18]
  • How Lauren plans her week out [28:26]
  • Handling the important but not urgent tasks [32:59]
  • How Lauren increase her clients profit without looking for more work [37:13]
  • How you can streamline your calendar and your scheduling [40:07]
  • What tasks Lauren automates with Zapier to save her time [46:16]
  • The key to getting ready for the day quickly [48:06]
  • Lauren’s tips for women to get ready quicker in the morning [56:10]


Connect with Lauren Goldstein:

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