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  • The Hybrid Calendar System That Will Help You Stay On Top Of Everything (TPS233)

Have you ever considered using an analog calendar with a digital calendar? A lot of people like the feeling of writing on their paper or wall calendar but they miss the portability and speed of a digital calendar. If you’ve tried both approaches and you haven’t found a working solution yet, then you’re going to love this episode. We’ll share our system for using a digital and analog calendar together. It’s so simple and effective that you might be wondering why you haven’t done it yourself yet!

Cheat Sheet:

  • The advantages and drawbacks of going fully digital [7:44]
  • How an analog calendar can help you achieve certain goals that a digital calendar can’t [10:48]
  • Why use both calendars and how the sum is greater than the whole of its parts [13:23]
  • How Brooks keeps all of his and his family’s digital calendars synced up [17:03]
  • Why you should keep your digital calendar as the ‘master’ and the analog as the ‘servant’ [21:47]
  • How having a hybrid calendar system can help curb distraction and keep you more focused during your day [24:30]
  • How Brooks recommend you protect yourself against conflicts and forgetting to transfer dates [30:18]
  • What members of the Asian Efficiency Dojo do use for their hybrid system [31:02]


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Asian Efficiency Team

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  1. Great podcast, as always. I was fascinated by this topic as I straddle the digital/analog world. I’ve been digital only for a very long time. This worked great for home and work. I mostly use Fantastical and loved it on my iPhone.

    Last year I went back to school for my doctorate. That completely changed my system. In addition the school is based on Google platform (email, calendar, drive, etc). With so many moving parts it was a bit difficult to constantly manage, along with my classmates.

    I have found that printing my Google calendar, both monthly and weekly (this week and next), has allowed me to manage it. I place the calendars and my school deliverables in a Levenger binder. That way we can address up coming items, test dates, schedule meetings on paper. Then it is all transferred back into GCal (along with the invite to those who need to attend). each day.

    Using the analog/digital system has allowed me to manage everything flawlessly. Any stray items, papers, etc. are all captured into Evernote.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to next podcast.


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