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TPS236 with Betty Jean Bell

I’m with Betty Jean Bell today and we’re talking about how you can improve your health. You’re going to learn how you can get more energy and lose weight efficiently without spending a lot of time and money throughout the process. We also share how we shop for groceries and prepare our meals for the upcoming week to save time. If you’ve been doing all the right things – sleeping, exercising, and eating right – but you’re still struggling, then I know you’re going to love this episode.

This conversation is a little different from most shows we’ve done because a lot of what we talk about today is very high-level and strategic…not so much tactics and little hacks you can do. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of lessons and wisdom packed in this episode that you’re going to walk away with.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Why Betty focused on getting healthy after she started her own business [3:00]
  • How focusing on her self-care and health didn’t bring about the same self-love Betty was looking for [7:14]
  • What Betty changed to put her life back on track to become healthy inside and out [13:00]
  • The good and bad of focusing on quick wins in your life [18:48]
  • Why focusing on your health and your self-talk will naturally bring weight loss and other great things [23:15]
  • Why focusing on what feels good should direct your health choices [26:59]
  • How what we do in one part of our life can helps us learn about other parts of our life [30:36]
  • What the new abundance of energy offered Betty after her big life changes [36:25]
  • Why you shouldn’t “wreck the car after you scratched it” [47:09]
  • How Betty approaches meal prep and outsourcing her food planning [54:43]
  • Betty’s two hacks that you can use to keep productive [1:02:12]
  • How Thanh and Betty keep their diets manageable and bounce back from a bad meal [1:17:28]


Connect with Betty Jean Bell

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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