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  • Fatigue, Procrastination and Being Unproductive…These Are Some of the Penalties of Ignoring This One Thing (TPS237)

We’re going to kick things off with a 3-part podcast series on how you can get more energy and double your productivity. Most of you listening are probably looking for different ways to increase your productivity. You might have tried a lot of different things and not many have worked. One of the biggest breakthroughs you can make is to increase your energy. When you have more energy, it’s easy to get things done, to focus and accomplish your goals. When you don’t have energy, you procrastinate, postpone important things and get behind on work.

In this episode, we’ll share with you 5 signs to look for to find out if energy is holding you back from being productive. We’ll also talk about all the different areas where you might be robbing yourself of energy and what to do about it.

If you want to have another breakthrough in your productivity, I can’t wait for you to go through this 3-part podcast series on Energy.

Cheat Sheet:

  • What inspired Thanh to make this 3-part series on energy [4:34]
  • Why the “Energy” component of the TEA framework can be the most difficult to take control of [8:13]
  • The signs that a lack of energy may be hurting your productivity [9:55]
  • What could be actively draining your energy throughout the day [17:31]
  • Why multitasking is such a common energy drain for productivity-minded people [21:55]
  • The sneaky ways energy drain enters your life [24:20]
  • Why playing “catch up” with caffeine is so dangerous for our daily energy levels [29:19]
  • How poorly made goals can sap your energy [30:25]
  • Why you should question assumptions you have about yourself to see if they are hurting you instead of helping [32:58]


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