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This is the 2nd episode of our 3-part series on increasing your energy and doubling your productivity. The lack of energy can be doubly tough: we don’t feel like doing what we want or need to do, but we also don’t feel like we have the energy to truly focus on important things.

In this episode, we are going to make it easy and super-actionable for you. We are going to give you 3 easy things you can do, and if you put them into place you’ll have an almost immediate boost in energy. And no, we’re not talking about drinking more coffee or taking some weird supplement!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Why it’s not wise to try and tackle all three things at once [4:16]
  • How sleep affects your productivity, and why Marmel values sleep more highly than she did in the past [5:03]
  • What you can do to help get more quality sleep every day [8:20]
  • Why you can’t value every hour of the day the same [9:50]
  • How rituals help save you time and energy [11:54]
  • The biggest way you can start your day to make the rest of the day better [16:24]
  • How to make completing your goals inevitable [18:05]
  • How to “push play” and get motivated at any time [19:50]
  • The power of stacking the positives so you feel even better than you ever could have before [26:40]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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  1. Hi I have been listening to your podcast and its great. It often mentions the productivity quiz, however when searching for it it seems impossible to find. Could you please email me a link to the quiz.

    Many Thanks

    Robin Ray

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