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This episode is the first in a 3-part series all about automation. Usually, when we think about automation we think of technology, but there are other types of automation as well and that’s what this episode is about.

We discuss 5 ways you can automate your life to save time and make life more convenient. We’ll talk about automating your finances, your daily essentials, and one of the strategies that saves me over 500 hours a year.

Cheat Sheet:

  • What automation is and why it isn’t just a technological tool [4:01]
  • Why you should get your essentials delivered automatically [4:53]
  • Why looking for your “me time” in activities like grocery shopping is a net loss for your time [10:59]
  • How the meal kit delivery model helps save time and energy, but not necessarily money [15:44]
  • How Thanh takes meal kit delivery one step further and saves himself 500 hours a year [19:11]
  • Why Brooks and Thanh both think hiring a house cleaner is one of the most beneficial automations you can set up [29:23]
  • The power of financial automation and how it can affect your emotional well being [36:22]
  • How Thanh handles Asian Efficiency’s finances through the idea of “profit first” [39:10]
  • The action items you can take from this episode and start today [44:37]


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