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I’m with Scott Rose, The Inspirational Nerd, and we’re going to talk about how you can lose weight efficiently without working out much. We’ll be diving deep into the ketogenic diet, a somewhat controversial diet that he and I both follow. We’ll be talking about fasting and how Scott coached me through my first 3-day water fast where I didn’t eat anything for 3 days and only drank water, and what kind of fat loss and other results I got from that. Here’s a sneak preview – I was extremely productive, which might sound counterintuitive.

In fact, I want to say that a lot of things that are discussed today might sound controversial, but I want to ask you to keep an open mind. When I first heard these ideas it went against everything I ever learned about health, nutrition and productivity. But once I dove deeper into the research and tried it myself, it all made sense and I’m excited to share these ideas with you.

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Medical disclaimer: this episode is not giving medical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. If you do anything, please consult with your physician.

Cheat Sheet:

  • What got Scott interested in the ketogenic lifestyle [5:06]
  • How an incredibly painful experience opened Scott up to a new way of thinking [11:39]
  • Why the logic behind eating fat making you fat is unsound [19:26]
  • Why the ketogenic lifestyle is both about what you eat and when you eat [22:27]
  • The super simple way to make almost any meal a high-fat meal [28:24]
  • Thanh’s personal journey into the ketogenic lifestyle, and how it affected his daily life [29:25]
  • How government programs and regulations helped lead America into the obesity epidemic [33:03]
  • Why reducing your calorie intake can actually have the opposite effect in a diet [39:34]
  • Thanh’s test of adding tons of extra calories through fat in his diet [47:00]
  • Why a high-fat low-carb diet won’t necessarily help you lose weight, and what will [54:35]
  • Why obesity is the canary in the coal mine for your overall health [1:07:10]
  • How focusing on your health is the natural key to healthy weight loss [1:11:43]
  • How intermittent fasting can completely rebuild your immune system [1:14:09]
  • What you can eat to get started in the ketogenic lifestyle [1:22:52]
  • The surprising cause of the weight gain from your burger, fries, and a coke [1:30:02]
  • What other tips and hacks you can use to keto your meals [1:33:33]
  • Some of Scott’s favorite keto-friendly foods [1:41:11]
  • The most important things that Scott would recommend for people to get started in the ketogenic lifestyle [1:53:40]


Connect With Scott Rose:

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  1. Many people try to do fasting when they make weight loss decisions, but it is not for everyone. So why do you think a person who can not do fasting should take excellent natural weight loss supplements?

  2. It is sad thatvthis guy has a platform. This is so inaccurate it is gross. You do not “poop out” fat. Fat is digested into monoglycerides and can be metabolized as acetyl coa or reformed into triglycerides by adipocytes. Later it can be metabolized as acetylcoa. What a disservice.

  3. Whether or not carbohydrates are in the type of starches (in veggies and grains), sucrose (table sugar), fructose (determined in fruits and juices) or lactose (milk sugar), carbohydrates are digested and eventually modified to glucose.

  4. This is probably the worst productivity show episode I have ever heard. The speaker talks to the listener like they are a child. And 10 minutes of research quickly reveals that the speakers are talking about dirty Keto, which is not what is recommended. Eating tons of bacon and drinking heavy cream is not really Keto. Very very disappointed in the podcast and the productivity show for publishing this episode.

  5. Guys, this episode isn’t up to your usually excellent standard, and I felt disappointed for three reasons:

    1. It doesn’t feel like it lines up well with AE’s values around data-driven science? The medical evidence on keto diets is really mixed, and there’s certainly not much long-term evidence yet of how well it works (apart from treating drug-resistent epilepsy). It does sounds like it’s been a great experience for each of you, that’s fantastic. But no diet is a miracle/silver bullet, and the science just isn’t there yet.

    2. The repeat messages about having an open mind and not trusting what you read in the mainstream media… This was the thing that left me most disappointed. This is pretty problematic. TBH it didn’t really sound like everyone would have been OK with that being applied both ways, which surprised me! It also helps feed all the polarization that’s going on around us, which I’m sure isn’t your intention.

    3. One of Scott’s top recommendations was the Foundation for Economic Education. But when I went to their website, I found nearly all of it was political views – supported by a lot of data that had been cherrypicked to suit the conclusions. Don’t get me wrong: they’re 100% entitled to their views and I’m all for them putting those out there…somewhere else. AE shownotes and recommendations should be about the keto diet, and tools/readings around improving productivity…not politics!

    Thanks for all the awesome work you guys do. It’s really inspirational, and I think the whole keto diet / productivity topic could still be done well too, if the approach gets tweaked.

    Hope this is taken in the constructive spirit of making an otherwise great show even greater.

  6. I found Scott’s misinformation to be shocking. He claims that excess fat in the diet is not absorbed by the body, but excreted or burned as higher body temperature. I was able to find numerous reputable medical references within minutes that refute this claim. Excess dietary fat is, in fact, directly absorbed into body fat. I challenge him to post evidence supporting his view.

  7. I almost always find something in everyone of your podcasts that is helpful in my life either in work or personal. The episode on the Keto diet actually upset me. This is just another fad diet that is going to land people in the ER because it causes deficiencies in their bodies. I am a true believer in health and fitness but I think this is really bad idea to promote.
    Again I really enjoy your podcast but please stick to the TEA framework (with no diet advise)
    Respectfully yours

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