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  • Escape The Summer Productivity Slump With These 7 Tips (TPS250)

Summer is coming up and for most people that means vacations, extended time off and more time outside. The summer productivity slump is a real thing. But for some of you, you need to be productive and make the most of your summer. Maybe you’re studying for something, starting a business or you’re behind on work and need to catch up – this episode is for you. We’ll go over 7 tips you can implement right away to ensure you have a productive summer.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Thanh’s top three productivity resources for the week [2:05]
  • How the change in environment, both in the weather and in your workplace, can stifle productivity [4:30]
  • Why keeping an optimal temperature in your workspace is so important [8:20]
  • How people in much hotter climates adapt to their otherwise unbearable summers [9:19]
  • Why when you work is super important in keeping you productive [15:48]
  • Why the best solution is sometimes just working less [21:51]
  • The importance of staying hydrated, especially during the summer months [26:48]
  • Tricks for staying cool and hydrated all day long [28:45]
  • How to minimize your water loss throughout the day [33:04]
  • Why enrolling your kids in summer activities is a great benefit to your productivity [36:02]
  • Why summer is a good time to tackle that self-care activity you’ve been postponing [37:41]
  • How doing the same work activities in the outdoors can make a huge difference in your energy [42:48]


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  1. Just a note about lowering your temp too far. I’ve worked in energy efficient building that kept the temps low and even at 18 degrees Celsius my fingers started to get cold and it’s not great for typing. There is definitely a limit to how cool you want your office.

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