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Are you about to go on vacation? Before you do, be sure to listen to today’s episode where we share our top 5 tips for summer travel. You’ll discover the best travel apps, what you need to pack on your trip, and how to best prepare for your upcoming trip for it to be stress-free and comfortable.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why you should always have a packing checklist [3:53]
  • How a checklist can help you not only with forgetting something but also with bringing too much [6:52]
  • How you can make your checklists smarter by making them activity-specific [10:21]
  • Other travel necessities and tips and tricks from Brooks and Thanh [13:10]
  • How to train yourself to travel smart and light [17:30]
  • The advantages of leaving some things at home and getting them delivered to your destination [26:09]
  • How Thanh made his frequent destinations work better for him when he traveled there [29:21]
  • The mighty packing cube and how it can make your luggage easier to pack and to use [30:33]
  • How to make sure that you will have access to WiFi on your travels [36:53]
  • The apps and travel services that you must have when you travel [42:08]
  • How to protect your sensitive data with a VPN on your devices when you are traveling abroad [50:13]


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