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TPS253 Noah Kagan

I’m joined this time by Noah Kagan. He runs several companies and we got into how he is able to do that and still live a great life outside of work. We talked about goal setting and his unique systems for achieving goals, what his daily routine looks like and he shares his top-down approach to productivity.

This was one of my transparent interviews because we also talked a lot about our own failures and what we learned from them.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The importance of making getting started as easy as possible at every stage of a project [1:23]
  • How Noah uses commitments and coaches to make achieving his goals easier [4:29]
  • Why Noah invests 5% of his net worth in risky investments every year [11:41]
  • How Noah sets his goals, manages them, and reminds himself of them daily [13:29]
  • How to prepare for getting back on track with your goals, and how to play games you can win [19:09]
  • The nature of personal growth, and how we aren’t always directly steering the ship [24:50]
  • Aligning your time and money spent with your values [27:16]
  • Why Noah doesn’t feel like he sets big enough goals, and why it’s important to be humbled by them [35:05]
  • How to know if it’s time to recommit to your goals or drop them [42:18]
  • How to keep interested in achieving your goals over the long term [46:33]
  • The apps that Noah uses every day, and what he recommends you do before checking those apps out [53:34]
  • How Noah leverages others to help increase his quality productive time [1:00:24]


Connect with Noah Kagan:

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