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Introducing live workshops to supercharge your productivity!

We have two workshops coming up for the 25X Productivity System, which is our new productivity method that will help you become more productive at work and in life.

The dates for these workshops are:

  • September 15-16, 2022
  • September 29-30, 2022

It’s a two-day workshop where you’ll learn the fundamentals of productivity, and we cover strategies haven’t been publicly shared before. Think of it as a boot camp where you’ll learn, implement, and take action.

Click or tap one of the following links to learn more:

Click here for the September 15-16 workshop

Click here for the September 29-30 workshop

Both take place in Austin, TX, and spots are limited. Each workshop is capped at 15 participants so we can keep it intimate, and Thanh will be personally guiding you throughout the workshop.

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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