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Today I’m joined by Mridu Parikh, productivity coach, speaker, and trainer at Life Is Organized. We talk about the biggest challenges her productivity coaching clients face, how busy professionals can squash overwhelm, and ways to commit to your biggest priorities.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Mridu’s top three productivity resources [2:45]
  • How Mridu helps people recover their time and get more productive [4:55]
  • The first thing Mridu does with every client [7:42]
  • How to stop spinning your wheels and start taking action [10:33]
  • Why Mridu believes avoiding distractions is the most powerful thing you can do to boost your productivity [13:55]
  • The exercise that will prove to you the power in not multitasking [16:09]
  • The unique way Mridu uses the Pomodoro technique [23:44]
  • Committing to your “power hour” and why it’s so important [25:51]
  • How to keep your priorities front and center and easy to remember [32:42]
  • The only way we can accurately get through our day and know what we can accomplish [36:56]
  • The key to holding fast to your time boxing [41:49]
  • What the most common challenge is for people and their productivity [50:15]


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Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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