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At Asian Efficiency we have dozens of productivity tools that we use to save time, to be more productive and effective. We put together a list of our 10 favorite tools under $100 dollars that we personally use and can recommend to you.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Thanh and Brooks’s top three productivity tools for this week [2:03]
  • Why a USB hub for Brooks’s new Macbook is such a huge productivity tool [5:55]
  • How Thanh’s glasses help him fall asleep easier at night [8:11]
  • How electrolyte powders can make it easier to stay hydrated [14:10]
  • The power of automation with Amazon Echo and how it can cut down on distraction in your work [20:26]
  • What benefits Brooks gets from his NeuYear calendar [24:31]
  • Why Thanh takes his Manta Sleep Mask with him everywhere he travels [27:13]
  • How a uniquely shaped water bottle solved so many problems for Thanh [31:54]


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