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  • Which Of These 10 Tools Over $100 Would We Invest In Again? (TPS266)

Last week we shared with you our favorite productivity tools under a $100. This time we’ll share our 10 favorite tools over $100 that we personally use to help us save time and be more productive.

Thanks to Clearbanc for supporting The Productivity Show. If you’re doing over $20,000 per month in revenue, Clearbanc is offering our listeners a 20-minute term sheet for Clearbanc Capital. Go to Clearbanc.com/TPS to learn more.

Cheat Sheet:

  • This week’s top three productivity resources [2:30]
  • Why Thanh and Brooks can’t go for very long without their Kindle Paperwhite [4:36]
  • How the Oura Ring beat out the Apple Watch for fitness and sleep tracking [8:05]
  • Brooks’s ultimate carry-on suitcase [13:13]
  • Thanh’s even more ultimate carry-on suitcase [20:19]
  • Why a good pair of pants can make all the difference when you travel [25:55]
  • Why you can’t go wrong with a good powerbank [32:07]
  • How a blood test can get you the important data you have to get healthy [34:29]
  • The household items that make the biggest impact for Brooks and Thanh [39:39]


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