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A couple of weeks ago, I took a hair test that tested for mineral deficiencies. I learned about this when I met Barton Scott, founder of Upgraded Formulas, that helps people identify mineral deficiencies in their bodies and then makes recommendations for you to optimize your health and which supplements to take. On this episode, we go over my test results and I didn’t know what they were before we recorded so you’re going to hear my first reaction on the episode. You’ll also learn how you can optimize your health to live longer, sleep better and feel your best. I’m excited for you to listen to this episode today!

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The three things that most affected Barton’s life over the last 10 years [2:23]
  • What happened in Barton’s life that got him started in productivity and health [3:45]
  • What Barton has learned about the absorption rates of supplements, and what that means for your health and wellness [7:02]
  • Why multivitamins are not only ineffective but can be harmful to your health [12:44]
  • How a hair test can reveal more about what your body needs than a blood test [14:23]
  • How mineral makeup differs between different types of people, and some of the most important minerals we need [18:46]
  • Thanh’s hair test and what he learned from it [23:17]
  • How to improve your sleep hygiene and use of your circadian rhythm [41:39]
  • What Barton recommends for taking care of food sensitivities [48:19]
  • Why many of us have forgotten what feeling good really feels like [53:56]
  • What kinds of things Barton recommends Thanh do outside of nutrition to manage his health [1:04:00]
  • How to take nutrients and supplements to maximize their efficacy [1:08:25]


Connect with Barton Scott:

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