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Today I’m joined by Katherine Fan, a senior writer for The Points Guy, one of the leading websites on travel. She has flown a million miles in her lifetime so she knows a thing or two about traveling productively and efficiently. That’s what we’re diving into today and how she does it while staying productive on the road.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Katherine’s top 3 productivity resources [1:46]
  • How Katherine stays on track with her routines as she travels [8:48]
  • Why staying on track with goals while traveling is actually easier for Katherine [14:36]
  • How Katherine packs to maximize space and usefulness of every item [19:19]
  • What suitcase Katherine recommends for people to travel with [28:54]
  • Why Katherine insists on having two of everything she uses regularly at home [33:53]
  • How her work gets done while on the road, and Katherine’s robust backup strategy [37:37]
  • The key to getting upgraded on your flights [48:44]
  • How Katherine approaches solo travel as a woman [59:16]


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