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In this episode, Francesco D’Alessio from the Keep Productive Youtube channel returns to the podcast. We talk about Notion, a productivity tool that has been getting a ton of buzz over the past year, as well as how to pick a productivity tool that’s right for you.

We also do a lightning round where Francesco shares his favorite tools that he uses to be productive every day.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Francesco’s top 3 productivity resources [2:22]
  • What Notion is and why it’s such a revolutionary application [6:58]
  • Some of the more inspired uses of Notion that Francesco has seen in the community [11:05]
  • How Notion’s flexible options make maintaining a database much easier than with other platforms [13:49]
  • Why Francesco says Notion does 80% of what every other application can do [19:19]
  • What Airtable is and how it is useful for teams [25:30]
  • Why Francesco made his “Sorry Evernote Users” video and how Evernote’s role in his life has changed [28:54]
  • What apps and tools Francesco for different productivity areas [37:13]
  • Francesco’s advice for how to best use your tools [44:07]


Connect with Francesco D’Alessio

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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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