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Corina Frankie on The Productivity Show

Today I’m joined by Corina Frankie, the founder of Brand Besties that helps companies with experiential marketing services. She’s a good friend of mine and a very smart, successful single mom and entrepreneur. We talk about how she’s able to run a business while raising a kid by herself, how she approaches work-life balance and her unique approach to productivity.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Corina’s top 3 productivity resources [1:31]
  • What makes Corina stand out to Thanh, and what a typical week looks like for her [3:57]
  • How Corina’s work-life has been set up to maximize her time with her son [11:52]
  • Corina’s “money date” and how it helps her plan for the future [15:40]
  • Why routine has never been normal for Corina, and how she plans with that in mind [20:12]
  • How Corina finds it effortless to find time for what she wants out of life [25:15]
  • The benefits of living an extremely intentional life [38:28]
  • Corina’s best “mom hacks” [41:13]
  • What Corina teaches her kid about how she lives her life and why she sees it as super important when they are young [45:53]


Connect with Corina Frankie

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  1. The best takeaway I had from this podcast was the “money date” Corina sets for herself on a regular basis. I’ve always been worried I don’t really understand finance and budget, and perennially looked outwards for apps, articles and podcasts to scaffold my weakness. Corina’s simple technique to set aside time to sit with her budget and figure it out brought home to me that I need to focus inward, not outward, to address my worries. Thanks for this podcast.

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