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  • What Do Productivity Ninjas Do To Prepare For An Amazing 2020? (TPS280)

The day this podcast is released is the day before New Year’s Eve. By the time you’re listening to it, it will either be right at the end of the year, or your new year has already begun.

Either way, it is never too late to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year, and today is a perfect time to do it. We will share 5 ways to make this new year your best year ever.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks’s and Thanh’s top productivity resources for this week [2:07]
  • What the Asian Efficiency team saw in their clients that inspired this episode [5:52]
  • Why conducting an annual review is so helpful in showing you where to spend your time and energy in the upcoming year [8:05]
  • How you can use the TEA framework to level up your 2020 [15:35]
  • How Thanh attacked his own shortcomings within the TEA framework last year [23:06]
  • Why you should put your number one goal in writing [30:03]
  • The power of making a strong system when you are setting your goals [37:07]
  • How to use your calendar with your new system to achieve super-powered productivity [46:28]


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