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I’m joined by Eric Tivers who runs the podcast ADHD Rewired and is a licensed clinical social worker who helps people with ADHD succeed in life. We dive deep into what ADHD is, how to diagnose it and what to do be productive if you think you have ADHD.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why Eric wanted to share his experience as a person with ADHD, and how that evolved into his work [2:11]
  • What people with ADHD commonly experience in their daily life [4:57]
  • How to know if you have ADHD [8:00]
  • Some of the strategies that Eric teaches to the people he works with [11:39]
  • What Eric sees those with ADHD learn and develop to overcome their disorder [20:26]
  • Eric’s stance on medication and nootropics for people with ADHD [30:16]
  • What Eric would recommend for people who think they may be suffering from ADHD [36:50]


Connect with Eric Tivers

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