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  • Work-Life Balance Is A Myth, But Here’s How To Be Better In Your Work and Personal Life Without Falling Apart (TPS289)

One of the most common questions we get is: “Should I keep my work and personal tasks together? Or should I separate them? How about my email and calendar?”

In this episode, we’re going to tackle this controversial topic and give you 4 strategies that have worked well for us and others in the Asian Efficiency community.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top three productivity resources for this week [2:12]
  • What inspired Brooks to create this episode and why it’s a topic for everybody [4:28]
  • The question people are _really_ asking when they are trying to figure out their work-life balance [7:58]
  • How to free up your Time, Energy, and Attention [11:45]
  • What to look for when you’re hiring outside help [18:02]
  • How consolidating your inputs and capture points can focus your energy to where it’s most effective [23:34]
  • Why you should develop your tunnel vision [31:55]
  • The power and unintuitive nature of intentional imbalance in achieving your goals [40:31]


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  1. Thanks for the great podcast! Tranh, I believe it was you who said you use completely separate apps for work and personal vs. just different views within the same apps. I’ve been toying around with this idea for a long time and have gone back and forth a few times. You said you use Omnifocus for your personal tasks, but I didn’t catch what you said you use for your Asian Efficiency tasks. What app is that? I currently use Things 3 for everything and tag all work areas with “Work” and all personal areas with “Personal” (creative, huh?!). Then, I can toggle back and forth between personal and work tasks in any view, though I’m mainly using the Today view. Even though this works, I think I might be more focused at work, if I completely separate my work and personal tasks into two apps and just not open the personal one during the workday (or at least minimize it). I’m considering continuing to use Things for personal tasks, but moving work tasks to Omnifocus.

  2. Great show! Have you read Dan Thurman’s book Off Balance on Purpose? He has some good ideas to share on Life Balance and how you can actually mash the silos of work and family together to get more out of life. Thanks again for TPS! Eric

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