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  • Family and Working From Home: How To Get Things Done When You’re Stuck Together 24/7 (TPS298)

The perfect storm has finally happened. Many of us are working from home whether we want to be or not, and if that wasn’t complicated enough, if we have family members, they’re stuck at home too!

If you are working from home with kids, you’ll know how hard it is to get your work done AND keep them from going feral AND keep them from playing video games or watching Youtube 12 hours a day.

If you DON’T have kids, chances are you’re working with people who are going through this.

Many of us here on the AE team is in this situation, so in this episode, we will be sharing what we and members of the community have been doing and what works for us to get things done with kids at home.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [2:13]
  • How to create a fun learning environment for your kids at home [7:19]
  • What activity stations can do to help delineate activities and tasks for kids [14:16]
  • Creating a routine for you and your kids [17:40]
  • How to use visual cues to minimize interruptions [28:47]
  • Why we need to make sure we have compassion for ourselves and for our family in this time [33:03]
  • Why communicating your schedule effectively with others can alleviate a lot of issues [39:17]


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