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  • Our Most Useful Productivity Purchases From The Last Year (TPS303)

We all know that you can’t buy your way to productivity. The biggest factor to you becoming more productive is for you to have focus and to execute as consistently as possible.

HOWEVER, applying the right tool, app, book, or course can make things go faster, run more smoothly, or can just make things more enjoyable.

In this episode, we are going to cover 10 of our favorite purchases over the past year, and share how they’re helping us get healthier, smarter, more productive, and making our lives better.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [2:16]
  • Thanh’s best purchase he has made to stay healthy during quarantine [5:57]
  • Why Brooks loves his Surface Pro 7 [9:37]
  • Why the Airpod Pros are a step up from the others [12:51]
  • The community-building book that turned out to be way better than Brooks expected [18:27]
  • How Thanh is finding trends in how his habits affect his day [20:38]
  • What data-storage solutions Brooks is upgrading into [24:05]
  • Thanh’s number one purchase of the past year [27:37]
  • The course that helped Brooks master the “most underutilized app out there” [30:40]
  • How a percussive therapy massage device has kept Thanh relaxed and in shape [33:45]
  • How Brooks turned a forgotten project into a retro gaming station during quarantine [38:06]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [40:55]


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