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At the start of the year or quarter you made a goal which sounded fantastic. You were all in.

Now? Maybe you’re not so sure. How do you know whether the goal you THOUGHT was a good idea truly is a goal worth pursuing for the rest of the year?

In this episode, we’re going to share 3 ways you can take a look at your goals and decide whether they’re goals you should still go after. Maybe they are, and maybe they’re not — we’ll find out!

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [1:59]
  • Why Asian Efficiency felt this topic wasn’t discussed enough [6:08]
  • What it takes to make a strong why for your goals [7:56]
  • Why it is okay for our motivations and our goals to change over time [11:06]
  • Why we need to fall in love with our goals and get our emotions involved [14:15]
  • How evaluating your current situation can help you get insight on your goals [18:49]
  • Why you should break down goals into manageable steps and consult with experts often [26:02]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [35:55]


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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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