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Jen Schultz on The Productivity Show

Today I’m joined by Jen Shultz, founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five where she helps people transition from a full-time career to starting a business. She has helped many people over the years and still manages to do everything herself without any staff which to me is crazy. So I asked how she’s able to be productive, run a business, help clients, and live a normal life. We also dove deep into the apps and tools she uses, and her workflows.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [1:51]
  • What inspired Jen to leave her job in New York and move to Austin [3:13]
  • What gave Jen the courage to just quit her job without a backup plan [7:43]
  • Why Jen transitioned from her first successful business into her current one [10:42]
  • How intuition plays into Jen’s work with her clients [13:17]
  • How one can start a side business when they’re so busy at work [21:47]
  • What steps Jen takes to ensure her work and personal lives run efficiently [29:56]
  • Why Jen doesn’t use a lot of productivity tools and what her priorities are in her planning [37:28]
  • How Jen deals with procrastination [42:31]


Connect with Jen Schultz

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