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Tiago Forte on The Productivity Show

Today I’m joined by Tiago Forte, founder of Forte Labs and the creator of Building A Second Brain. It’s a system he developed for organizing ideas and information to help people become more productive and creative. If you’re a knowledge worker and want to be more efficient and organized, then you’re going to love today’s episode.

We’re also going to host a live webinar together on the topic of Building a Second Brain a few days from now and you can sign up for it here at theproductivityshow.com/brain

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Tiago’s top 3 productivity resources [2:23]
  • How Tiago developed the ‘second brain’ system [5:36]
  • What the second brain system is and how to build your own [10:50]
  • How Tiago’s system addresses the dreaded pile of information and files [17:23]
  • What you can put into practice today with the PARA system [26:49]
  • What you can do if you’re “totally new” to productivity [32:38]
  • Why David Allen’s GTD system and Tiago’s second brain are ‘twins’ [35:11]
  • Tiago’s weekly routine and how it keeps him productive in his own life [38:31]


Connect with Tiago Forte

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  1. I’m a physician and when I was in residency back in 2003 we used to talk about our “peripheral brain”. Usually this was just the tasks that we wrote down for each patient on the list of patients we were responsible for in the hospital. It’s been a while since I thought about that and love the idea of applying the concept to my entire life. Wish I could attend the webinar but I’ll be at work.

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