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  • Become An Outlook Power User – 5 (OK, 9) Easy Tips To Save You Time And Increase Focus (TPS317)

If you’ve worked in a decently-sized organization, there’s a good chance that you are, have, or will at some point use Microsoft Outlook. It’s everywhere.

The problem is, most of us just start using it, and don’t spend any time making it work FOR us. In this episode, we’re going to share 5 – ok, more like 8 or 9, Outlook tips that have made us more productive and let us get back to doing our work instead of messing around in our Inbox.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [3:12]
  • The introduction of TPS+! [7:03]
  • Brooks’s and Marmel’s experience with Outlook, and why Brooks ditched all of his Google Suite for Microsoft 365 [11:24]
  • Get the zen focus of minimal notifications without sacrificing important communications [15:35]
  • How to reduce the clutter in your email inbox through auto filing meeting responses [24:05]
  • Stop wasting time digging around your messages and use search folders [27:00]
  • Make Outlook Mobile work for you and customize the swipe actions [29:51]
  • Why Brooks and Marmel believe that Outlook has the most comprehensive and useful rules system of any email client [33:06]
  • More quick tips to streamline and maximize your Outlook productivity [38:42]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [43:49]


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  1. I enjoyed the episode about Outlook and I came up with a solution for filtering out meeting responses. I created a rule that files any email with the subject header of “Accepted” into a separate folder.
    Now the only responses I see are the ones that need to be addressed.
    Works for me
    Keep up the great work

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