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I’m joined today by Jeff Sanders. He is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, author of The 5 AM Miracle, and host of the 5 AM Miracle Podcast. As a fellow productivity junkie, I asked him about his morning routine, what his personal productivity system looks like, and how he balances work and life while raising a young kid. I know you’re going to learn a lot in this episode and I can’t wait for you to dive in.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why transitioning to working from home was not easy for Jeff at all [2:32]
  • Jeff’s advice for people who are new to working from home [4:20]
  • A typical day or workweek for Jeff, and how it has changed since the pandemic started [6:30]
  • How Jeff maintains his balance between work and life [10:28]
  • The rhythm and seasons of work and why we should expect this in our own lives [19:26]
  • How Jeff approaches goal-setting for his work and projects [20:52]
  • Jeff’s weekly review process and what happens when he misses one [24:16]
  • The core technology of Jeff’s productivity ecosystem [28:00]


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