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CRM Power Tips w/ Amy Payne - Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer (TPS329)

If you deal with people in your business (and who doesn’t?), a key tool is a Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. Not having one can hold you back, and if you implement the right one the right way, it can help take your business to the next level.

In this episode, I talk to Amy Payne, a Certified Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant, and founder of Lasting Order. Amy and her team help individuals and small businesses in all sorts of ways, but today we mainly focus on how she helps small businesses choose, implement, and use CRMs. It’s a topic we get questions on all the time.

Of course, since she does run a Professional Organizer company, I also ask her for her top tips on organizing a productive workspace. I couldn’t help myself.

Thanks to Indeed for supporting The Productivity Show. Indeed is offering our listeners a $75 credit at Indeed.com/tps.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [3:58]
  • Where Brooks and Amy met and how she transitioned from a home organizer to productivity consultant [6:22]
  • What a CRM is good for and why Amy believes it is essential for any small business [12:05]
  • Amy’s sales pitch for what a CRM can do that your homebrew system can’t, and how to know which system is the right one for you [17:14]
  • The most common mistakes that people make when choosing a CRM [21:38]
  • What signs show Amy that she and her client have found the right CRM for the job and not something that is just good enough [24:46]
  • Amy’s favorite CRM systems and who they work best for [29:30]
  • How to have a successful migration from one CRM to another [33:05]
  • What Amy recommends for having a functional and effective work-from-home environment [37:14]
  • Amy’s most important killer productivity tip [40:40]


Connect with Amy Payne

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