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Today I’m joined by Sachit Gupta, host of the Conscious Creators podcast and an expert helping people launch their platforms. We discuss how you can build self-awareness and why it’s the ultimate productivity hack, powerful questions to ask yourself for self-discovery, and his rules of productivity that allow him to be creative and get stuff done.

You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/348.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [2:05]
  • How did Sachit figure out what he wanted to do with his life? [5:19]
  • When did Thanh get serious about Asian Efficiency? [7:01]
  • How long did it take before Thanh began to see success with Asian Efficiency? [8:03]
  • How does Sachit manage perfectionism as a creative? [11:33]
  • How does Thanh decide whether to hire someone to do a task or attack it himself? [14:43]
  • What is the ultimate productivity hack? [17:51]
  • How does Sachit typically structure his day? [20:01]
  • What motivates Sachit to change the way he operates organizationally? [25:24]
  • Sachit’s personal rules around productivity [28:05]
  • What is Sachit’s biggest advice for podcasters? [32:42]
  • What are some questions you can ask yourself to promote self-awareness? [37:34]
  • What is something Thanh tends to underestimate in his business life? [42:05]
  • What is a trend that Thanh sees with hiring employees? [44:52]
  • How has procrastination affected Sachit’s business life? [46:57]


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