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  • Windows Productivity Apps & Must-Use Settings w/ Kimberly Charron (TPS417)

These Windows apps will make you more productive. Even if you can’t install them on your computer, we share our favorite built-in settings and MS 365 tools.

Certified Online Business Manager Kimberly Charron joins us to share her tips, so if you use Windows at work, at home, or have Windows users in your life, this episode will give you some great suggestions.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:38]
  • What does a Certified Business Manager do? [5:40]
  • What are some of Brooks’s favorite built-in features of Windows 11? [7:27]
  • How does Kimberly use Focus Assist? [8:52]
  • What does Kimberly think about Clipboard History? [11:15]
  • What are some of Kimberly’s top tips for getting the most out of Office 365? [17:04]
  • What is a collection of apps Brooks recommends most? [20:32]
  • What is Snagit and what does it do? [22:50]
  • What is the third app Brooks recommends purchasing for Windows? [25:35]
  • What is Notepad++, and how do you use it? [29:10]
  • Action step you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [32:39]


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