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  • Financial Independence: The 4% Rule Will Get You There w/ Alan Donegan (TPS425)

Become financially independent, save money and be extremely productive all at once. It’s possible and our guest Alan Donegan shares how you can do it.

We cover:

  • The 4% Rule for Becoming Financially Independent
  • How Much Money You Need to Have Saved Up To Be Financially Free
  • The Daily Routine of Someone Who’s Financially Independent

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [1:41]
  • How did Alan get into financial independence? [2:40]
  • What is the “4% Guideline?” [6:52]
  • What was Alan’s journey to financial independence like? [8:50]
  • What is “lifestyle inflation?” [11:13]
  • What does a day typically look like for Alan, as someone who is financially independent? [14:38]
  • How often does Alan feel a sense of urgency to do things now? [17:52]
  • How does Alan help others that don’t immediately grasp the process of achieving financial independence? [20:40]
  • What is Alan’s system for determining where you are on the path to financial independence? [25:11]
  • What sorts of tools does Alan use to manage his finances? [29:32]
  • What does Alan’s tool set look like on a daily basis for getting things done? [33:57]
  • How does Alan use Microsoft OneNote? [36:26]
  • How do Alan and his wife stay in-sync with each other’s schedules? [39:25]
  • How does Alan prioritize free tools versus paid? [41:01]
  • What is something Alan will not hesitate to buy, regardless of price? [46:01]


Connect with Alan Donegan

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