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“Did I Have A Productive Day?” is an important question you’re probably not asking yourself. Or if you are, you’re answering with “vibes” like “I crushed it!” or “Meh, it was OK,” or “I couldn’t get anything done.”

But with productivity, “vibes” can be deceiving. If you spend all day checking off small tasks from your to-do list, it feels great. It feels like you’re getting stuff done, but did you get anything done that moves the needle and helps you achieve whatever your goals or projects are?

Or the flip side: you might only get one or two things “really” done, but those one or 2 things can unlock a lot of progress.

So that loops us back to the question: How Do You Know If You’ve Had A Productive Day?

If you’ve created a Daily Target for yourself, that question is easy to answer! And that’s what we unpack in this episode.

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