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  • Achieving Financial Freedom Without Sacrificing Your Family Life w/ Steve Chou (TPS455)

If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom while still prioritizing your family and health, this episode is a must-listen!

We sat down with Steve Chou, founder of MyWifeQuitHerJob.com and author of “The Family First Entrepreneur.” Steve shares his personal story and practical advice for building a successful business without sacrificing your personal life or family time so you can do the same.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:13]
  • Steve’s story [4:18]
  • The challenges of starting up an e-commerce store [6:28]
  • The Four Burners Theory [9:05]
  • Steve’s rules for balancing work and family [11:14]
  • Advice for starting a side-hustle with a full-time job [23:34]
  • Should you have a written “Book of Values”? [29:05]
  • How do you impart your wisdom on your kids? [30:58]

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