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  • 10 Tricks and Hacks to Turn Your Phone Into a Productivity Tool (TPS456)

Unlock your hidden potential in just minutes! We dive into ten secret phone settings that will revolutionize your daily routine. Don’t let your phone control you; take charge and make every moment count.

Miss out on this episode, and you’ll miss out on invaluable time-saving tricks that could change your life forever. Say goodbye to distractions and procrastination and hello to a streamlined, efficient workflow. Tune in now and level up your productivity game!

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  1. In the 10 Tricks and Hacks episode 10. You mentioned an alternative to TextExpander on ios, but I found TextExpander works well for me on ios rather than setting up another solution and trying to sync the changes to my expansions. A few apps work natively, but I often need to use the TextExpander virtual keyboard.

    It is too bad that you have to use a virtual keyboard when you have a physical keyboard connected, but in the case of this form, I was able to show the virtual keyboard to enter my info.

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