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You’ve heard of morning routines and evening routines, but did you know that there are even more powerful routines you can implement to have a more productive day?

Today’s guest Caroline Guntur (aka The Swedish Organizer) calls it “bookending your day”, and in this episode, we will share how to create your own routines and how Caroline uses Notion to — in her words — get her (and her clients) digital ducks in a row.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [1:49]
  • Why “The Swedish Organizer”? [5:03]
  • Tips to make being a digital nomad work for you [6:52]
  • Routines you can use to “bookend your day” [9:37]
  • How to transition between “work” and “home” when working from home [13:05]
  • Should exercise be in a bookend routine? [16:51]
  • Does bookending work with an irregular schedule? [18:05]
  • What are the benefits of bookending? [23:01]
  • How much time does this take? [28:40]
  • A great mental reframe when starting a habit over [33:40]
  • How Caroline uses Notion [37:41]

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