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  • From Zero to $100 Million: Productivity Power Moves for Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs (TPS461)

Discover the productivity secrets behind one of the most successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, Neil Twa from Voltage, as he shares his insider tips, tricks, and strategies for e-commerce domination. In this eye-opening episode, Neil takes you on a journey through his meteoric rise to success, revealing the productivity hacks that have fueled his multi-million-dollar achievements. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from the best – download now and start turbocharging your productivity today!

You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to https://theproductivityshow.com.

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  • Neil’s background and story [1:22]
  • How to figure out what you are and aren’t good at [8:30]
  • The different ways to structure your day [10:55]
  • The 3-by-3 method to taking action [16:02]
  • Neil’s 3-tier principle to structuring his life [22:03]
  • Insights from visiting a sleep scientist [23:14]
  • The importance of energy matching with other people [26:46]

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