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Have you been diagnosed with ADHD, or suspect you may be in the future? Or do you have a colleague or family member who has been diagnosed? You MAY have found that the “usual productivity advice” doesn’t always work.

In this episode, ADHD coach and founder of Unconventional Organisation Skye Rapson shares how ADHD can impact productivity, strategies to thrive in the workplace, and tips that can help anyone.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:32]
  • Skye’s diagnosis and path to becoming an ADHD coach [4:04]
  • Is it common for people to be diagnosed while being checked for something else? [6:13]
  • What is the “right way” to talk about ADHD? [10:44]
  • How do you make your communications ADHD-friendly? [22:08]
  • What are some ways ADHD impacts productivity? [24:09]
  • ADHD strategies to help with motivation [25:38]
  • How do you talk to your boss about ADHD? [30:50]
  • The best task apps and tools for ADHD [39:36]
  • What are some ways ADHD HELPS productivity? [43:35]

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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