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  • How Many Hours of Focus Time Are Enough? How To Break Phone Addiction? & More (TPS482)

How many hours a day of focus time is considered good? How do you overcome the addiction to social media? How do you turn a bad day around into productive day?

In this episode, we cover these popular productivity topics and more.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:07]
  • How many “real” working hours do you work on average at your office/knowledge-based job? [6:53]
  • How can I break free of phone and social media addiction? [16:31]
  • How to avoid a “my day is ruined” kind of day? [27:56]
  • How Brooks compartmentalizes his day [30:20]
  • Why “zooming out” is such a powerful technique [34:20]

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