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  • Evernote Strikes Again, Productivity Myths, and Sucking at Things (TPS488)

What are some of the biggest productivity myths that we wish more people knew were false? Is it OK to suck at things sometimes? Why is Evernote upsetting both paid AND free users?

In this episode, we cover these topics and more (awesome Apple TV updates!)

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You can find links to everything we share in the show notes by going to https://theproductivityshow.com.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [1:50]
  • Awesome new Apple TV features [5:08]
  • What are some productivity myths we with everyone knew were false? [9:57]
  • Does your productivity change when you have kids? (Spoiler: yes) [19:37]
  • Is it OK to suck at some things? [22:29]
  • Evernote is just upsetting everyone these days [34:35]

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