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Social Media CAN be like productivity kryptonite – distraction and disruption are literally one tap away.

One solution is the Cal Newport route – just get rid of social media altogether.

He’s written books like Deep Work and Digital Minimalism – and was on TPS88 – where he makes the case that whatever benefit we think we get from social media is almost certainly not worth it.

If you want to do that – great! But you also don’t want to be THAT person when someone asks you for your LinkedIn or Instagram, and say that you don’t have one and miss out on opportunities.

How do you do that in a way that won’t destroy your productivity and attention span?

Here are 3 things you’ll get out of this episode:

  • How to set up “Guardrails” to stop social media from taking over your life
  • The #1 Rule to protect your Time, Energy, and Attention from social media
  • How to do a digital detox to disrupt your social media habit and regain focus

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [4:19]
  • What is Tip no. 1 for controlling social media usage? [5:13]
  • How does Brooks add “friction” to his social media? [9:13]
  • How does Thanh add “friction” to his social media routine? [19:54]
  • What rule does Brooks want you to follow 100% of the time with social media? [22:28]
  • What are Thanh’s views on internet discourse? [26:52]
  • What is tip number 3 for controlling social media usage? [30:26]
  • Action step you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [36:45]


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  1. Things to do before bed to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day are discussed in this article, and we would do well to keep them in mind. It would mean a lot if you did this. To whomever shared this, many thanks!

  2. My job really requires facing my computer/phone and doing digital tasks so it is hard for me to do a digital detox. I feel like I am in the stage of toxicity, almost 70% of my time I am digitally engaged and that's almost 6 to 7 days a week. I know this is risky, mental health-wise. For me, the best option for me is to seek coaching sessions to check if I am still in my normal state of mind. Having a psychotherapist for a consultation is really a big help. Though I will still apply these best practices on daily basis for a digital detox. Thank you so much article, it is a big help for people like me. And also diverting my attention to nature is something that helps me a lot in my detoxification.

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