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Time management, efficiency and productivity are some of those things that aren’t taught or really even considered in modern-day business and academic education. Our school systems place a large emphasis on content and the “what” of learning and professional skills, but rarely tell us “how” to go about it. And so most people end up in a professional setting or as entrepreneurs, struggling to not only keep up with the demands of their work, but also with no idea as to how to efficiently organize their time, their papers, their files and their tasks.

This is where Asian Efficiency and this blog comes in.

If you are new to personal productivity and time management, we recommend for you to read the following articles to get started:

  1. The Time Management Secret That Will Eliminate All Your Time Wasters
  2. Eat That Frog – Do Your Most Important Tasks In The Morning
  3. Time Tracking: The One Thing That Will Tell You Exactly How Productive You Are… Or Aren’t!
  4. Simple Task Management – Using Papers, Things or Word
  5. The Pomodoro Technique
  6. Time Management Case Study for Business People
  7. Goal Frameworks
  8. The Simple Guide to Managing Your Email
  9. Morning Rituals
  10. Personal Outsourcing: How to Get More Than 24 Hours Out of Each Day

We consider these essential organizational and productivity skills that everyone needs to know. This is the 20% of what you need to know that will deliver you 80% of your results.

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Specialty Topics

After you have signed up for our newsletter, the best way to enrich yourself is by browsing around the website. We have made it as easy as possible for you to explore numerous topics of interest. On the blog we have covered a wide range of topics on time management and personal productivity, and below is a list of specialty topics that we have grouped into separate pages for you to explore.

  • Recommended Reading – We often get asked for advice on which books to read so we have compiled the best books on wide range of topics.
  • Omnifocus – This is our favorite task manager and we have a whole page dedicated on how to use Omnifocus for beginners and advanced users.
  • Procrastination – Get our best tips and tricks for beating procrastination.
  • Agile Results – A new productivity system very different from GTD that we highly recommend.
  • Getting Things Done – GTD is a popular productivity system and we have numerous articles on how to get started with this system.
  • Sex and Productivity – Find out how love, relationships and sex can have a positive and negative impact on your productivity.

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