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Here at Asian Efficiency, we love rituals. Rituals help integrate productive actions into our lives in a systematized way, so that it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. Whether you are new to rituals or are a rituals expert, you’ll find these seven unusual rituals to be helpful when crafting your own rituals for your life.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why we at Asian Efficiency like rituals so much
  • How one day of personal rest and renewal can be turned into one big ritual
  • The ritual Bill Gates uses to set the direction and focus of his company
  • Why you should take a week off every year to do self-development
  • The exercise rituals that Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin shared
  • How working on your most important task every single day can lead to major gains
  • How Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break the Chain” method can help you get more done
  • How a ritual for separating work and personal life can make you more productive
  • What a side-hustle is and how you can use rituals to pursue it
  • The powerful ritual of Roald Dahl
  • Why Benjamin Franklin was the king of rituals and how he used them


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