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Mark Sisson is an expert in evolutionary health and author of The Primal Blueprint. In this episode, he discusses how our genes can be influenced by our diet and exercise, how you can put in only a few minutes at the gym and get maximum output, and how to train your body. Listen in for health and exercise tips geared towards productivity geeks like us!

Cheat Sheet

  • All about the evolutionary health movement
  • How our genes are evolving every day and what we can do to positively influence them
  • The major reason why you need to cut out sugar from your diet as much as you can
  • How you can start moving toward your ideal body composition
  • How your body is hard-wired to crave sugar, and how you can overcome this
  • How we can develop the mindfulness that allows us to eat healthy and overcome “hardcore cravings”
  • The real reasons why cheat days don’t work
  • How most people train too much for marathons and triathlons and what they should do instead


Book, tool, ritual

Book: The Elements of Style 
Tool: A standing desk
Ritual: Morning ritual includes trying to complete all of the puzzles in the LA Times within 30 minutes

Connect with Mark Sisson

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