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Nabill Idrisi is a coach who found amazing success from creating rituals and sticking to them. After attending one of our workshops and masterminds, Nabill created systems for his rituals and saw results within months. We chat about Nabill’s rituals, his personal rating system for tracking progress, and the tools he uses to make his rituals stick.

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Cheat Sheet

  • How Nabill found personal and professional success after crafting his rituals and implementing practices to help make them stick
  • The many advantages of masterminds and why you should seek them out
  • Strategies that you can implement to make your rituals stick
  • The many benefits of getting help from other people
  • How the ideation stage of crafting rituals works and best practices for getting the most out of it
  • Why journaling can help you get clear on the changes you want to make in your life
  • Tips to help you make your journaling habit stick
  • How Nabill used a personal rating system to make positive changes in his life (and how you can do the same)
  • Why tracking habits is so important in charting progress towards your goals
  • How Nabill created markers and rewards for his rituals (and why this has made all the difference)


Book, tool, ritual

Book: The 4-Hour Workweek
Tool: The Moleskine Cahier journal
Ritual: Journaling in order to get to know yourself

Connect with Nabill Idrisi

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  1. Thank you so much for listening in, Cindy! It was such a pleasure to connect with and support you on our call, too.

  2. Awesome and very encouraging message learnt , special thanks to Nabill . Most of us are struggling to get to the next level of expertise and just need a little bit of motivation to keep going ! In this reference I like what Banjamin Franklin once said – ” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest . ” I am sure that Nabill can help us to find opportunity in every difficulty .

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Paul! Yes, the whiteboard calendar totally upleveled my rituals-tracking systems. Glad you found that idea useful!!

  4. Great episode, I love Nabill’s energy! I really like the physical whiteboard calendar idea. It makes it more visible and also more real by having physical contact with it.

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