Procrastination is something that hits all of us, and many people struggle with it on a regular basis. In this episode we dive into the myths about procrastination, and eight tactics you can use to fight through to take real steps towards actually accomplishing your goals.

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  • Who exactly are procrastinators anyway?
  • Reasons why people who procrastinate are people who care the most about the work, not the least
  • The 4 actions you can take right now to move you forward and get over procrastination
  • How committing to and scheduling actions can actually help you accomplish to them
  • Why written plans are so important to goal achievement
  • What batching is and how you can use it in your own life to get more things done
  • How to create a someday-maybe list you’ll actually use
  • Tips to creating a regular review schedule and sticking to it
  • The major advantages inherent with working in sprints
  • How to create a vision for your plan of action (and why this is so important)


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  1. Great episode!! I hope that you guys keep it up for a long time! I was wondering if you could share a screenshot of your Trello board. I’ve listened to the podcast and as a Trello user I’d love to see how you organize things

  2. Hi,

    It must be a great podcast.

    …I will listen to it LATER…. :) (Sorry, guys, I just couldn’t skip this joke.)

    I’m listening to it right now. Really.
    Keep up the good job.

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