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Michael Hyatt is a NY Times best selling author, speaker, and former CEO (and chairman) of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He’s on the podcast to discuss the true goal of productivity, how to find your focus, and making room for activities that truly matter.

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  • Michael’s journey to becoming a productivity expert
  • The real purpose of productivity (why productivity is a means to an end and not the goal itself)
  • How to create margin for the things that really matter
  • How to use the Freedom Compass to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life
  • How to get out of the drudgery zone and eliminate the activities you don’t want to do
  • Tips for automating the tasks that you don’t really want to be doing
  • How to develop a template mindset to save time
  • The importance of creating a daily game that you can win
  • How you can personally create a blueprint for a productive day

Freedom Compass



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Book, tool, ritual

Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport
Tool: Workflowy
Ritual: Ritual for speaking – going through notes and saying the speech out loud the night before. In the morning, exercise and affirmations.

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